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About Us


Wildlife SOS was established in 1995 by a small group of individuals inspired to start a movement and make lasting change to protect and conserve India’s natural heritage, forest and wildlife wealth. Today, the organisation has evolved to actively work towards protecting Indian wildlife, conserving habitat, studying biodiversity, conducting research and creating alternative and sustainable livelihoods for erstwhile poacher communities or communities dependent on wildlife for sustenance.

India’s wildlife is under severe threat – every animal from majestic elephants, to shy sloth bear and rare pangolins have fast become “the hunted”. While time is running out for these creatures, it’s not too late to help. Wildlife SOS consistently makes a difference to give back to the nature and help protect the environment and wildlife.

Our mission has three key areas of focus:

  • Conservation and protection of wild populations and habitat
  • Rescue of injured and displaced wildlife, and care for captive populations
  • Research to better protect and care for wildlife.

But protecting and caring for wildlife isn’t enough. Lasting solutions also address alternative livelihoods for people and communities who have traditionally relied on wildlife exploitation to survive.

At Wildlife SOS, we have a comprehensive approach to saving India’s wildlife. As we continue to develop and improve our rescue and medical resources, our elephant hospital and conservation and care centres, our research and partnerships, and our talented and dedicated staff, we can take a holistic view of saving both individual animals, as well as protecting an entire species.